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Simplify your Space.

Simplify your Life.

Hi, I'm Donna and I've been helping people organize their homes for over 10 years.   I love working with people to make their lives easier and more productive.  Please give me a call if you would like to get started today!


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Schoeppner Organizing Solutions was created because of my desire to do something meaningful every day, to affect the lives of others in a positive, productive and lasting way.  Organizing is more than sorting things and storing them.  It’s helping you discover the cause of your disorganization and realizing how an organized space can simplify your life. 


As a Professional Organizer, I can help you find solutions to create a lasting change in your environment and your organizational habits.  You will benefit from motivation, product knowledge, decision-making assistance and guidance.  I will help you find solutions to meet your unique needs. 


Services provided include organizing any space in your home, helping seniors downsize, de-cluttering prior to a move and unpacking/organizing in a new home.  I especially enjoy working with people who have found being organized has been a challenge all their lives.



Certificates from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization :

  • Certificate in Study of Chronic Disorganization (Level 2)

  • Certificate in Study in Needs of the Aging Client


Service area:  Western half of Iowa and eastern Nebraska


I am a life-long resident of Council Bluffs, Iowa and enjoy being active in the community. 

Please contact me at dschoeppner22@aol.com


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